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Production Associate - Weekend Shift

Posted: 07/13/2023

Job Purpose:

As a Production Associate you will sort, grade and stack wood material coming from machine centers in an assembly line.  You will also sort and grade various material including Fingerjoint, Veneer, etc.  We provide the opportunity for cross-training for other positions and departments in our manufacturing plant.


Essential Functions:

  • Learn the sizes and grade of material being sorted
  • Properly stack loads squarely and to the correct heights
  • Grade out rejected material and places in the appropriate locations
  • Learn how to correctly set up area
  • Assist other team members
  • Maintain piece counts
  • Learn to operate equipment including chop saws and compound miter saws.
  • Learn to read and use a calibrated tape measure
  • Follow standard safety protocol.
  • Assist with keeping the assembly line moving efficiently through a focus on safety, quality and production.


You will do well in this position if you:

  • Are on time to work every day and have excellent attendance.
  • Are able and willing to work a physical job for 10 hours per day.
  • Put safety first and value producing a quality product.
  • Are a team player.
  • Previous manufacturing experience or assembly experience is a plus.
  • High school diploma is strongly preferred.


Marvin is growing fast and there are opportunities for advancement and cross-training in our manufacturing plant! A future with Marvin might include becoming a machine center operator, forklift driver, lead person or supervisor.  



Weekend: Friday to Sunday; 5:00 AM-5:30 PM
Mondays for 8 hours when running overtime.     



Pay:  $20.50 an hour ($19 base + $1.50 shift premium)

Pay for Experience – already have experience in production? You might qualify for a higher entry wage.

*Speak with HR for details.