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New Directions Northwest, Inc.


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About Us

About Us

New Directions Northwest specializes in helping people with alcohol, drug and gambling addictions, mental health, developmental disabilities and prevention services to individuals from Baker County, and throughout the state of Oregon. Serving Baker County since 1967.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality, innovative and comprehensive education and treatment by an integrated, multi-disciplinary team to those affected by developmental disabilities, substance abuse and mental illness in a caring, empathetic and professional manner. New Directions is dedicated to empower individuals and their families to lead healthy, successful, productive, and self-fulfilling lives.

Treatment Philosophy

As a provider of mental-health services, our philosophy is based on professional ethics, morals and values. We model to our clients, residents, staff and community the recognized inherent worth of each individual. Our goal is to enhance the self-esteem, personal growth and a positive, productive lifestyle of each of the above. We respect the diversity and uniqueness of each client/resident, each staff member and each community leader.

24-hour Crisis Hotline: (541) 519-7126
Baker County Substance Abuse 24-hour Warm Line: (541) 406-444


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Are you looking for a career in Social Work/Social Services? Join our Amazing Team in Beautiful Baker City, Oregon!Entry Level Positions (No Degree or Experience Required)On the Job Training and Education Provided by NDNTreatment Facilitators,  Peer Support Specialists,  Certified Recovery Mentors,  CNA’s,Substance Abuse Counselors Mid Level Positions (Bachelors Degree and/or Related Work more
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