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Old Souls Farm

Old Souls Farm

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About Us

Welcome to Old Souls Farm Our little slice of heaven in beautiful Baker City, Oregon

We create efficient, desirable cattle.
We’re truthful about our product.
We’re proudly located in the Pacific Northwest.

As most farmers & ranchers would agree... It’s all about being good stewards of the land. Highland cattle with traditional Scottish traits are an efficient addition to any farm or ranch operation. We’re passionate about this breed and sharing our high quality cattle with others. We’re also passionate about small-scale, local beef production. Our cattle operation allows us to supply our area with pasture-raised beef, fed and finished exclusively on grass pasture.

Our pastures contain deep-rooted legumes, which use a different portion of the soil profile, naturally replenish the soil with nitrogen, and add complexity to the diet of our cattle. This, in turn, enhances the flavor and quality of our beef. Raising the next generation of ranchers. We seek to involve our kids in all aspects of what we do and love teaching them the value of working the land.

Our Story
Some neighbors down the road were selling their small fold of three. We knew a little about the Highland breed and enjoyed their look, so we purchased their cows. Once the fold was ours, we dove head-first into researching everything we could about breed benefits and traits. That was in 2016—and we’ve been hooked ever since. Since then we’ve been working to build our herd to reflect what we consider to be the most desirable and traditional Scottish Highland traits.


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