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News Release: Small Business Grant Opportunity




Baker County Economic Development

2019 Main Street Suite A

Baker City, OR. 97814

​Grant Application


The Baker County Economic Development Grant Program was created by Baker County Economic Development Council (EDC) and approved by the County Commissioners as a way to support economic development in our communities through promotion of business and economic growth.



Economic Development Grants are focused on growing our county's economy by assisting a new or existing business to grow, process or sell a product, or provide a service. The funds are intended to serve as a way to help a business succeed while also retaining or increasing jobs. This program is not intended to fund a business start-up or cover operational costs and employee expenses, rather the funds should support projects that enhance a business’ performance. Applications for Economic Development Grants should be supported by a copy of the entity’s business plan.



The Economic Development Council, in consultation with the Economic Development Director, will determine the amount of available funding each grant cycle. Grant funds will be budgeted in the Baker County economic development account. Baker County is not obligated to award any or all of the funds available during a grant cycle. Unused funds may be set aside to increase the amount of funding available for future grant cycles. The typical amount of grant funding awarded is between $500 and $10,000. However, some special consideration might be given to grants to receive more, depending on funding availability and project merit.



Grants will be reviewed by Baker County Economic Development Council (EDC) members, who are appointed by the Board of Commissioners. The EDC is composed of business minded and community-oriented members who view economic development as vital to the growth of Baker County. 

Grant requests are reviewed and awarded bi-annually, during the spring and fall. Completed applications must be received by the Economic Development Director no later than the close of business on the

first Friday in April (spring cycle) and the first Friday in October (fall cycle). Late submittals will not be considered until the following grant cycle – No Exceptions!  Applications will be reviewed by Baker County EDC within two weeks after closing. Applicants will be notified of the council’s decision by the end of April or October, depending on the cycle. 



Grant recipients will receive a written letter providing notice of their award. It is the responsibility of the grant recipient to request disbursement of funds from the Baker County Finance Department. The successful recipient will have (2) two years from the notice of award to complete the project. Extension requests must be submitted to the EDC for consideration prior to the 2-year deadline included in the award letter.

A Final Report is required when the project is completed. An organization may not apply for a new Economic Development Grant if they have an active grant, or have not completed the Final Report for previously-awarded funds.